Boxcarr Handmade Cheese Rocket’s Robiola

  • Dusted in vegetable ash
  • Doughy, wrinkled rind
  • Tangy and chalking to start, breaks down to oozy goodness
  • Note of butter-roasted mushroom and toasted almond

ENJOY WITH: crusty bread, fruit, pickled veg

PAIR WITH: Furlani Naturale “Methodo Interrotto” Brut Natur Rose: $47.99  Slightly turbid pink color with lively bubbles. On the nose classic aromas of bread crust, flowers and light mineral notes. In the mouth great drinkability, pleasantness and all the experience of the yeasts that enhances the mineral strength of the alpine area.

INGREDIENTS: pasteurized cow milk, salt, rennet, ash, cultures

Boxcarr Handmade Cheese Rosie’s Robiola

  • Doughy, brioche-noted rind

  • Ever changing ratio of slow-oozing creamline and chalky, flaking curd
  • Early on, the milk shines with bright acidity and curdy freshness
  • Later, silky texture embues savory notes of buttery, sauteed mushrooms

ENJOY WITH: When young, try with fig jam and mostarda. When ripe and soft, mix into pasta sauce.

PAIR WITH: Lustau Almacenista Fino Fino del Puerto, 500 ml: $22  WE 92 pts.  Editor’s Choice!  Immediately this strikes you as being elegant and refined. The nose is perfectly round, with oily, semi-rich aromas of baked fruits and almonds. The palate has more fruit and intensity than 99% of the finos out there, but there’s also a backdrop of nut, mushroom and dried apple that stands out before exploding in front of a smooth, stately finish.

INGREDIENTS: pasteurized cow milk, salt, rennet, ash, cultures



Boxcarr Handmade Cheese Cottonbell

  • High butterfat cow milk
  • Good with: nuts, preserves or chutney with crackers
  • Aromas of grass and almonds, buttery, mild, salty & lush fatty cream

ENJOY WITH: Nuts, perserves, or chutney with crackers, melt into pasta sauce

PAIR WITH: Dr. Loosen Sparkling Riesling, Germany: $14.99  Wine Enthusiast 91 pts.  Exuberant green floral perfume, melon and peach abound on this profoundly aromatic sparkler. It’s delicate in mousse with soft, persistent bubbles and deeply penetrating flavors of stone fruit and tangerine. Vibrant and spine-tingling, it’s a remarkably elegant sekt for with a gentle price tag.

INGREDIENTS: pasteurized cow milk, salt, rennet, ash, cultures

Capriole Goat Cheese Mont St. Francis

  • Finished in Monnik’s His Dark Materials beer
  • Funky, pungent flavor—sweet, smoky finish
  • Beefy nose with semi-firm, extra fine texture

ENJOY WITH: Fig jam, pear or pumpkin mostarda, molasses cookies

PAIR WITH: Domaine Minchin La Tour Saint-Martin Fumet Menetou-Salon 2017:  $31  Selected from his most profoundly Kimmeridgian soil in the village of Morogues, Bertrand Minchin treats his Fumet like a top Sancerre by fermenting it in oak vats and aging the wine for 10 months in foudre and French oak barrels. Balanced between rich fruit with a deft touch of oak spice and a precise citrus minerality in its youth, it also rewards cellaring for a few years – placing it on par with some of the finest cuvées of Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé.  The juicy and delicate scents of peach and orange are accompanied by touches toasted vanilla, toasted. Flexible, and of good volume, the palate is revived by a lemony freshness. The fruity and vanilla nuances are lengthy in the finish. – Guide Hachette des Vins

INGREDIENTS: Pasteurized goat milk, beer, culture, animal rennet, salt, B. Linens. CONTAINS: Milk, may contain wheat.


Capriole Goat Cheese Julianna

  • Semi firm
  • Aged 4-8 months
  • Buttery, nutty, slighty tart flavors
  • Natural rind of thyme, lavendar, rosemary, wildflowers
  • Perfect summer cheese

ENJOY WITH: Charcuterie, olives, pickled pears or rhubarb

PAIR WITH: Capture Sauvignon Blanc 2017, Sonoma County: $21.99 WE 91 pts.  This is a complex, impressive white with a creamy, lush entry that evolves on the palate to offer crisp, fleshy elements of white peach and lime. The midpalate is balanced in richness, leading the way to a bold herbal and grassy finish.

INGREDIENTS: Pasteurized goat milk,  culture, animal rennet, salt, Penicillum candidum, spices. CONTAINS: Milk

Sequatchie Cove Creamery Walden

  • Thin, mild mushroom flavored rind
  • Butter-like consistency


PAIR WITH: Ramey Russian River Chardonnay 2015: $36  Great price!  WE 94 pts.  Editor’s Choice!  This is one heck of a deal for a wine of this quality and substance. Sourced from four ranches farmed by the Dutton family, as well as the producer’s estate and two Rochioli sites, it shows the beauty of blending from such incredible places—a study in exotic lemony quince and soft supple structure. The lasting finish is textured and complex.

INGREDIENTS: Pasteurized cow milk, animal rennet


Capriole Goat Cheese Sofia

  • Light, delicate paté
  • Becomes denser and creamier with age
  • Early on: tart and silky
  • Later on: velvety and runny

ENJOY WITH: Young to medium ripe: Berry and rhubarb compotes, quince jams, honey. Older and very ripe: Olives, charcuterie, sweet fruits and compotes, chocolate.

PAIR WITH: Chateau d’Epire Grand Cru d’Anjou 2018, Savennieres:  $23  The nose immediately reflects what proved to be a milder vintage compared to the mythically icy years of the past: Chenin Blanc’s floral qualities shine through unabashedly, generously expressing acacia and jasmine in a notably friendlier way than the notoriously austere Savennières of cooler years. On the palate, however, there is no doubt we are dealing with cool-climate Chenin grown in schist: a firm core of minerality and racy acidity keep this bone-dry white sharp as a razor, despite a lovely fleshiness and trademark hint of walnuts on the finish.

INGREDIENTS: Pasteurized cow milk, animal rennet

Hobo Cheese Co Banjo

  • Soft & smooth, mild and buttery
  • Slight acidic tartness
  • More subtle texture, subtle and spreadable as it ripens
  • Excellent melting ability

VERSATILE IN THE KITCHEN:  Drizzle with olive oil, use with other pizza toppings

PAIR WITH: Domaine Quatre Routes H Poiron Muscadet 2017: $14.99  “A rich and smoky nose amplified by a touch of brioche, leading into a powerful palate with a broad texture. A clear demonstration of how a cru wine can be very different from ‘normal’ Muscadet. A maturing rich fruit character, in unison with a minerally backbone fuelling a pithy grip on the long finish. An impressive, thought-provoking wine.”

INGREDIENTS: Pasteurized cow milk

Sequatchie Cove Creamery Coppinger

  • Semi-soft washed rind
  • Striking layer of decorative vegetable ash in its center
  • Savory and buttery paste with notes of fresh grass, citrus and cured meats
  • Ideal for cheese plate or melted into any dish

ENJOY WITH:  Pickled vegetables, bacon jam, charcuterie. Try it melted on a burger or as the ultimate grilled cheese.

PAIR WITH: Mary Taylor Valencay 2017: $19.99 The flinty soils of the Loire Valley appellation of Valencay are known for giving their wines a finesse, perhaps even a chalkiness. This cuvée is known as “Les Griottes” or ‘the cherries’ as its gentle flavor and character has notes of red fruits (cherry blackcurrant), with a hint of spices in the finish. Farmed sustainably and fermented with indigenous yeasts. You might try one of the area’s famed goat cheeses to pair with this classically elegant wine.  35% Gamay, 35% Côt, 30% Pinot Noir.


Prodigal Farm Hunkadora

  • Lingering cream flavor accented by citrus, grass and a delicate funk
  • Layer of flavour-neutral vegetable ash in the rind
  • Bloomy rind


PAIR WITH: Franciscan Estate Cuvee Sauvage Chardonnay 2014, Carneros: $27.99  (Suggested retail: $40)  WE 91 pts.  Beautifully oaked, this youthful, robustly expressive wine is lemony and salty, offering a high-toned minerality that plays out as stony texture. Pear and marzipan flavors dominate, accented by vanilla and nutmeg.

INGREDIENTS: Pasteurized goat’s milk, Penicillium Candidum


Prodigal Farm Field of Creams

  • Unique flavor from woodland aromatics in rind: rosemary, juniper berries, fennel, thyme, tellcherry pepper, and red pepper flakes–accentuates cheese notes but not overpowering
  • Brie-like appearance

ENJOY WITH: Charcuterie

PAIR WITH: Sea Sun Chardonnay 2017, CA by the Wagner Family:  $19.79  Sea Sun Chardonnay 2017 is a new California Chardonnay from Caymus whose character speaks to the unique terrain where it is sourced in Santa Barbara, Monterey and Solano Counties. These premier growing regions span several hundred miles and feature subtle differences. The result is a wine featuring the best characteristics of Chardonnay, with fruit flavors, oak and acidity in harmony and balance. It is juicy with scents of lightly grilled mango and interesting layers of smoke, oak, and acid finished bringing it all together with light lemon curd. Sea Sun, a more affordable Mer Soleil, is perfect for your spring and summer lighter dishes – salads, grilled fish and chicken.

INGREDIENTS: Pasteurized goat’s milk


Prodigal Farm Candide

  • Mild, bloomy rind
  • Delicate cream, butter, mushroom flavor
  • Snowy white, inside and out


PAIR WITH: Clement et Florian Berthiere Sancerre Vielles Vignes Sur Silex 2018: $28  No oak. It is incredibly bright with loads of citrus fruit on the nose with mineral notes coming through. Very fresh with good acidity, there is some lemon, gooseberry, and melon on the palate. Not grassy. Good finish.

INGREDIENTS: Pasteurized goat’s milk